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Ben Okon’s ‘Younger Me’ Revolutionizes Children’s Books

Renowned author and illustrator, Ben Okon, is revolutionizing the world of children's literature with his groundbreaking project, "Younger Me." With his innovative approach, Okon is transforming traditional kids' books into engaging and inclusive...

Literati: Austin-Based Children’s Book Club Inspiring a Love for Reading and Connection

Austin, Texas - In a world increasingly driven by technology, a unique literary initiative is capturing the hearts and minds of young readers. Literati, an Austin-based children's book club, is bringing the joy of reading back into the lives of...

Isabella Media Partners with Independent Voice Actors to Make Audio book Narration Affordable for New Authors

Isabella Media, a prominent publishing company, has embarked on an innovative venture to support new and upcoming authors. Recognizing the power of audiobooks in reaching a wider audience, Isabella Media has partnered with a talented group of...

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